NEW:  NUMIDIA - Numidia - LP (green) Nasoni Psychedelic Progressiv  •  ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Experiments In The Subconscious - 2 LP (red/orange) S Psychedelic  •  ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Experiments In The Subconscious - CD Space Rock Prod Psychedelic  •  ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Experiments In The Subconscious - 2 LP (black) Space Psychedelic  •  SECRET OYSTER - Striptease - CD + bonustracks Longhair Progressiv Jazzrock  •  JUPITER LION - We Wil Loose Gracefully - LP Bcore Krautrock Elektronik  •  STREETMARK - Dry - LP 1979 Sireena Progressiv Krautrock  •  M.H.'S PSYCHEDELIC GROUND - Tactu Malum - LP (red) OstriesLandmusik Psychedelic Krautrock  •  JOHNNY AND THE ROTTEN - Down The Rabbit Hole - LP (colour) Nasoni Psychedelic Bluesrock  •  ALACRAN - Alacran - LP 1969 Sommor Psychedelic Beat  •  TAPIMAN - Tapiman - LP 1971 Guerssen Progressiv Heavy Rock  •  CAEDMON - Caedmon - LP + 7 inch 1978 Guerssen Psychedelic Folkrock  •  AUTOMATISM - Into The Sea - LP (green marbled) Tonzonen Psychedelic Krautrock  •  HARD MEAT - Through A Window - LP Longhair Progressiv  •  HARD MEAT - Hard Meat - LP Longhair Progressiv  •  THINK - Variety - CD 1973 Krautrock Belle Antique Progressiv  •  ET CETERA - Et Cetera - 2 CD 1971 Krautrock Belle Antique Progressiv  •  ET CETERA / DAUNER, WOLFGANG - Knirsch - CD 1972 Papersleeve Belle Antique Jazzrock Krautrock  •  THE WOLFGANG DAUNER GROUP - Rischkas Soul - CD 1969 Krautrock Belle Antique Jazzrock  •  BLACKWATER PARK - Dirt Box - CD 1972 Belle Antique Krautrock Psychedelic  •  DEAF PROOF - Brain Utopia - LP + Poster Clostridium Rock Stonerrock  •  MOTHER TURTLE - Three Sides To Every Story - LP (black) Sound Effect Progressiv  •  MOTHER TURTLE - Three Sides To Every Story - LP (milky clear) Sound Effect Progressiv  •  SLEEPING TREE - Sleeping Tree - CD Sound Effect Metal Hardrock  •  MOTHER TURTLE - Three Sides To Every Story - CD Sound Effect Progressiv  •  ANYONE S DAUGHTER - Live - 2 CD Tempus Fugit Krautrock Progressiv  •  SULA BASSANA - The Box - 6 CD box Sulatron Psychedelic Krautrock  •  AX GENRICH & BAND - The Melting Butter Sessions - CD Self release Krautrock Psychedelic  •  FOX, THE - For Fox Sake - LP 1970 Sommor Psychedelic  •  DOMO - Domonautas Vol I - LP (black) Clostridium Psychedelic  •  >SOON:  


Anazitisi Records Label and both online & physical store. 60's-70's vinyl reissues from around the world.
Garden Of Delights The Garden of Delights label recovers and restores half-forgotten recordings from the field of progressive rock music in all its different shades, ranging from psychedelic to fusion to blues-rock, provided that there are progressive elements in it. In its original sense, progressive means that these recordings were ahead of their time and did not go with the tide. This almost unavoidably meant that only a small circle of people knew about them. Most of them were released in the seventies in very small editions, on LP's which can hardly be afforded any more today. These lost collectors' items are now being made available on CD on Garden of Delights. Besides the costly remastering, special importance has been attached to making lavish, thick CD booklets providing everything worth knowing about the artists (as well as many rare photos), all of which come from the German-speaking countries.
Long Hair Music A French record label that specialises in excellent Krautrock reissues.
Sireena The label established itself in a short time with his releases with a fix place in the heart of music collectors.

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