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CUERO - Tiempo Despues - LP 1973 Svart Progressiv

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CUERO - Tiempo Despues - LP 1973 Svart Progressiv

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Manufacturer: Svart
Original release year: 1978
Manufacturing year: 2020
Cat. no.: SRE0000395
Weight:268 g
Availability:Deliverable within 14 days, if available from supplier.
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A Svart Mondo release. Black vinyl, 500 copies. Cuero (which means Leather in English) was an Argentinean band formed by the high calibre lineup of Nacho Smilari (lead guitar, vocals) and Carlos Calabró (drums) after the short-lived hard-rock super-group Piel De Pueblo from Buenos Aires split up. Musicians who had been in some of the more well known Buenos Aires-based bands of the '70s, their output before Cuero had been as eclectic as it was prolific for their time. Featuring original compositions of guitar-driven progressive rock with emotive vocals, jazz-rock and dramatic blues instrumentals, 'Tiempo Después' is a heavy rocking potpourri of the highest order. At times very experimental, Nacho's guitar work is a true highlight of the album, with delightful skill and wide ranging passages. The instrumental 'Tiempo Después', 'Nuevamente El Momento', 'No Sé Si Voy A Enloquecer', the blues 'Escucha Mi Voz', and the long, winding psych rock of 'Paula Acurrucada En Un Color' are all stando

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