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MASTERS APPRENTICES - Apprenticeship In The Garage - CD 1966 Nickoff R

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Psychedelic / Beat
Hersteller: Nickoff Records
Original-Erscheinungsjahr: 1966
Produktionsjahr: 2008
Bearbeitungszeit:3 bis 7 Tage

This is volume 2, of a thus far issued series, of rare recordings from the bands early days. Volume 1 is entitled From Mustangs To Masters: First Year Apprentices. 23-tracks of early rehearsal recordings from April of 1966, includes informative/photo insert booklet. MEMBERS: Brian Vaughton, Mick Bower, Jim Keays, Rick Morrison, and Gavin Webb. TRACKS: Intro, Blast Off, Bye Bye Baby, Jo Jo Gunne, Louie Louie, Road Runner, Hey Bo Diddley, Baby Please Don't Go (vocal), Just A Little Bit, The Last Time, Money (That's What I Want), What A Shame, Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut, Mona, Off The Hook, Inside Looking Out (alternate), Don't Bring Me Down, Grown Up Wrong, The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man, Big City, Dear Dad (alternate), Smokestack Lightning, Dimples, Nadine, and Baby Please Don't Go (instrumental). DESCRIPTION: Short and sweet by Ian McIntyre for Shindig Magazine: Formed in Adelaide in 1965 The Masters Apprentices killer debut single Undecided b/w Wars Or Hands Of Time quickly brought them to the attention of the rest of Australia. Since the band's subsequent catalog - varying from proto-psychedelia through progressive hard-rock - had been well served and an excellent retrospective documentary produced, it came as a surprise in 2004 when a lavishly packaged CD was released compiling 21 tracks of the group playing in a garage in early '66. This low budget second volume brings together the remaining 23 songs (24 tracks, really, as you get a vocal & instrumental version of Baby Please Don't Go) from what was clearly a young band with a lot of promise. Recorded live to a reel to reel recorder, the sound is surprisingly clear with the crude fidelity lending impetus to high-powered versions of perennial faves from Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and The Rolling Stones as well as the previously unheard R&B meets surf original, Bye Bye Baby.

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