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MICHAEL KATON - Ror' Outta Hell - CD Sunhair

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Bluesrock /
Hersteller: Sunhair
Produktionsjahr: 2017
Cat. Nr.: 0017
Bearbeitungszeit:1 Tag

Michael Katon with a tribute to RORY GALLAGHER.

As someone whose been a fan of Mr Katon for quite a few years, enjoying his albums and live sets, I was more then a little interested when Michael first mentioned that he was working on a Rory Gallagher tribute album.
There's not much that needs to be said regarding the legendary Irish guitarist, and I was sure that Michael would produce a worthy tribute to the great man.
Well having now had the chance to listen to the finished product I can very quickly sum it up as yes it is indeed a worthy tribute.
It has been without doubt a labour of love for Michael, something he's been working on for quite some time. No doubt Michael Katon fans will buy this album regardless, but this is an album that will please Rory Gallagher fans and blues rock fans alike.
The album consists of ten tracks, coming in a tad under an hour in length. It kicks off with ‘Let Me In‘ from the 1975 release Against The Grain and proceeds to cover the cream of Rory's musical output.
I'm particularly delighted that Michael has included ‘Mississippi Sheiks‘ and I'll be honest and say with Michael's trademark gruff vocals it somehow enhances the track.
So to sum up once again……..thoroughly enjoyable, an album that needs to be added to your blues rock collection.
Reviewer: Dan Mann

Michael Katon mit einem Tribute an RORY GALLAGHER.
10 Songs:
1. Let me in
2. Bought and sold
3. In your town
4. Cradle Rock
5. Mississippi sheiks
6. I take what I want
7. Who's that coming
8. Used to be
9. Walk on hot coals
10. A million miles away

CD im Jewel Case mit einem 12 seitigen Booklet. Eingeschweißt!
Das Booklet beinhaltet ausführliche Liner notes, in denen Michael Katon seine Beweggründe schildert, warum und wie er auf Rory Gallagher & seinen Songs gestossen ist!
Die 10 Songs wurden vom Boogieman from Hell 'Katonized', d.h. Michael hat die Songs von Rory Gallagher genau studiert & hat sie in seinem eigenen Stil interpretiert.
Boogie on!

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MICHAEL KATON - Ror' Outta Hell - CD Sunhair

Preis: EUR 14.25


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