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THORUP, PETER WITH FRIENDS - Wake up Your Mind- CD 1970 + 6 Bonus Longhair

  Peter Thorup shaped the Blues scene in Denmark

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Psychedelic / Bluesrock
Manufacturer: Longhair
Original release year: 1970
Manufacturing year: 2008
Cat. Nr.: LHC00069
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Peter Thorup, born on 14th Dec. 1948, not least due to the many years he worked with Alexis Korner one of Denmark's most renowned and internationally known musicians, shaped the Blues scene in Denmark as a guitarist, composer and producer. From the early 1960ies until just before his death (3rd August 2007) he played with numerous international and also with well-known Danish musicians. Without making the claim to be complete, here is a list of the most important stages of his remarkable career that was tragically wrecked by alcohol. As far as we know his first recording was the single 'I'm wild about you' by The Blackpools, published in 1965. In 1966 he joined The Beefeaters, whose musical style then turned towards blues-rock. The Beefeaters recorded two albums for Sonet (The Beefeaters, 1967 and Meet You There, 1969). In 1967 The Beefeaters gained national reputation as the supporting act of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, John Mayall Blues Band and Pink Floyd on their tours in Denmark. Both Beefeater records feature classic blues-rock similar to the John Mayall and Fleetwood Mac LPs recorded at that time. In 1968 he started working with Alexis Korner during a tour of Scandinavia, where The Beefeaters not only appeared as Korner's supporting act, but presented their own material, too. By way of returning this favour, Alexis Korner participated in two titles on The Beefeater's second album 'Meet You There'.

In the course of the year 1969 Peter Thorup went to England with Alexis Korner, where they founded New Church with, amongst others, Ray Warleigh, Colin Hodgkinson and Peer Frost, guitarist of The Young Flowers, one of Denmark's most renowned bands at that time. Peer Frost had been nominated Denmark's best guitarist for three consecutive years. Ultimately, New Church were unsuccessful, even though they were allowed to appear as a supporting act at The Rolling Stones Brian Jones memorial concert in Hyde Park in London on 5th July 1969, together with King Crimson and Family. At the end of 1969 New Church split up.

Before Peter Thorup and Alexis Korner, assisted by producer Mickie Most and composer John Cameron, launched CCS (Collective Consciousness Society) in the late summer of 1970, Peter Thorup recorded the album Peter Thorup with Friends 'Wake Up Your Mind', with the best Danish musicians in spring 1970 in the Rosenberg Studios in Copenhagen. Although relevant encyclopaedias describe it as Peter Thorup's first solo album, it was much rather a joint effort of all musicians involved, whose musical contribution represented much more than the realization of Thorup's ideas. Moreover, the participating musicians, whose quality was accounted for by their engagements in the best Danish rock bands, would not have permitted being regarded as a supporting act. The arrangements and their realisation are evidence of high musical quality and professionalism. Peter Thorup had already played together with organist Morten Kjaerum-gaard, drummer Max 'Nhuthzhi' Nutzhorn and bassist Erik Stedt in The Beefeaters. With Peer Frost, Peer Ingemann and Ken Gudman the complete Young Flowers, known by two excellent albums, were present. Bent Hesselmann played with the exceptional band Maxwells (Long Hair, LHC 28) and as a guest with The Delta Blues Band, later on with Rainbow Band (Long Hair, LHC 18) and Midnight Sun. Ole Fick came from Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Niels Henriksen later played with Culpeper's Orchard and Mo-I-Rana, and Steen Munte Jepsen was drummer with The Blackpools. Within no time, this illustrious group of musicians recorded a remarkably harmonious album, committed to Heavy-Blues-Rock, but with a progressive touch. All up they recorded 13 titles, 7 of which made it on the album 'Wake Up Your Mind' published on Philips in 1970.

Without letting the other musicians know Peter Thorup had got in touch with the Hamburg based label and had offered the recordings. He had neither discussed the title 'Wake Up Your Mind', nor the selection of pieces with the 'Friends'. It was agreed that the recordings were to be published as a double album with the title 'Copenhagen 1970'. Further information on this and the recording session can be found in Bent Hesselmann's liner notes. One of the musicians involved was able to save a copy of the Rosenberg studio recordings, so that for the first time it was possible to publish the entire recordings with approval of all participating musicians. After this unique project with Denmark's best and most renowned musicians came CCS. With CCS, Alexis Korner and Peter Thorup for the first time won recognition for their music from a broad audience, and financial success followed suit. In CCS, big band sound met Blues inspired by Rock n' Roll. CCS's first 7' 'Whole Lotta Love', 'Walking', 'Tapturns On The Water' etc., as well as the band's three albums stormed the sales charts throughout the world. CCS made classic hits like 'Satisfaction', 'Shaking All Over', or 'Sunshine Of Your Love' sound completely new and exceptional, but good . In 1973, however, the band split up again. Together with Boz Burell and Ian Wallace (both King Crimson), Alexis Korner and Peter Thorup founded Snape. Snape recorded two albums and was busy touring Europe and the USA, but Peter Thorup returned to Denmark in 1973. Later on he accompanied numerous musicians during concerts and in the studio, acted as a producer in the extensive Danish music scene, recorded more albums and also appeared live in all sorts of formations. However, his alcoholism got in the way of picking up the thread of his former success. In the end he formed a duo with Ole Frimer. Peter Thorup died on 3rd August 2007 in RØnne, Bornholm. This CD is dedicated to him and to Ken Gudman, Erik Stedt and Max Nhuthzi, who have also passed away. We would like to thank: Bent Hesselmann, Peter Ingemann, Peer Frost, Ole Fick, Morten Kjaerumgaard, Niels Henriksen, Steen Munte Jepsen.
Our thanks also go to Claus Rasmussen, a renowned expert devoted to the golden age of Rock made in Denmark, who initiated this publication.

Manfred Steinheuer, June 2008

In the very long and cold winter of 1969/ 1970 the three members of the danish supergroup, 'Young Flowers', decided to close down their trio. Peer Frost, Peter Ingemann and Ken Gudman were all exhausted from three years of never ending concert-tours.They also needed new inspiration and challenges. But, the band was booked for another 5 months, including 3 major tours in Denmark. So, Max Nutzhorn, congas/vocal, Peter Thorup, guitar/vocal and Bent Hesselmann, saxes/flute, were invited to join the band until 1. of june, where the bookinglist stopped. The tours were highly succesful and had an ever growing audience as the three guests added new energy and colours to the stage-show. The spring of 1970 brought a lot of transformations, not only in mother nature, but also in the world of music. The bands seemed to have grasped the idea of taking new elements into their performances. A wave based on friendship and optimism spread among the musicians and a lot of new bands were formed. Some of these new bands were mixing jazz and rock, while others added classical musicians to their group.

Another new thing was, that all these new bands wrote their own music! At this time the danish rockscene was blooming in all colours, except for black, as dead- and punkrock had to wait for another 10 years. In march 'Young Flowers and Friends' played a concert in the concerthall of the danish radiohouse. However, the technicians had very little experience in recording amplified gear, and that was clearly heard! After this disappointing result, Peter Thorup contacted Ivar Rosenberg, the owner of a very estimated recording studio in a cinema in Vanløse, 'Vanløse Bio'. In the summertime there were very few clients to record, so Peter got a lot of days, where we could record in the daytime from until and in the evenings from 11.30 pm, when the late filmshow was over! Ivar, a very clever, traditional technician, added a new face for our sessions, Freddy Hansson, who had just emerged from the sound department of the danish filmscool. The studio had an 8- track taperecorder, plate reverb, echomachine and a mellotrone! Thus we were equipped, and we started the sessions. The repertoire was a mix of traditional rock and blues, plus a few original songs by Ole Fick, There were almost no time for rehearsal. The lead vocalist would instruct us, we tried the song a few times, and then 1-2-3-4.
Off we went! All in all 13 songs were recorded, all of which should appear on a double LP. 'Copenhagen 1970' . When published, the royalties from the sales were to be shared by all the participants, Rosenberg and Hanssson included. But, at the end of July, Peter Thorup joined Alexis Korner Group in London, and we did not know what was happening to the tapes, until 'Phillips Records' released the record 'Wake Up Your Mind'! This album was a soloproject and included only 7 tracks, all sung by Peter. We were all very dissappointed, even if we all could see that it was much easier to brand a soloist than a collectiv project like 'Copenhagen 1970'! However, now is the time to release the complete album, including all 13 songs.

Bent Hesselmann, June 2008

This is the only official release. Beware of the bootlegs!

THORUP, PETER WITH FRIENDS - Wake up Your Mind- CD 1970 + 6 Bonus Longhair

Price: EUR 14.79

USA / 1970

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