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TURBO - Straznik swiatla - CD 2009 Metal Mind Productions

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Rock /
Hersteller: Metal Mind Productions
Original-Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
Produktionsjahr: 2009
Cat. Nr.: MMP CD 0678
Barcode: 5907785035898
Gewicht:94 g
Bearbeitungszeit:5 Tage
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The band was founded in 1980 in Poznan. The first line-up consisted of Henryk Tomczak (bass), Wojciech Hoffmann (guitar), Wojciech Aniola (drums) and Wojciech Sowula (vocals). After some line-up changes the first steady line-up was formed: with Hoffmann and Aniola accompanied by Piotr Przybylski on bass, guitars Andrzej Lysów and vocalist Grzegorz Kupczyk. In 1982 they recorded their debut album 'Dorosle Dzieci' (Adult Children). The record was very well received and sold exceptionally well, and the title track is to this day perceived as one of the most important songs in Polish rock music.
In 1983 Bogusz Rutkiewicz (bass) joined the band. They recorded their second album 'Smak ciszy', but despite a very good reception they weren't really satisfied with that record. They decided to make something very different on their next album. That's how 'Kawaleria Szatana' was conceived - the band's most famous offering. Released in 1986, it was undoubtedly a breakthrough release for the band. Very fast and aggressive, it soon became very successful. Thanks to excellent guitar parts and Kupczyk's vocals the band was sometimes called Polish Iron Maiden. The same year they appeared at Metalmania, giving an enthusiastically received gig.
Year later Tomek Goehs, the new drummer, joined the band. They played numerous shows all around Poland and recorded a new album 'Ostatni Wojownik' (also released in English version as 'Last Warrior'). It was as successful as 'Kawaleria Szatana' and quickly became one of canon records of Polish heavy metal.
Year 1989 saw the release of 'A Live!' album, as well as significant line-up changes. Bogusz Rutkiewicz left the band and was replaced by Litza from Acid Drinkers. In this line-up Turbo recorded their next album 'Epidemie' (released as 'Epidemic' on foreign markets).
The band celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1990 at Metalmania festival. Shortly after Kupczyk and Lysów left the band. In 1991 they supported Sepultura gigs in Poland. Turbo's next album was recorded by Hoffmann, Goehs, Litza and T. Olszewski. 'Dead End', the heaviest material in Poland and that time, maintained in thrash metal style, was soon announced the last album of the band, as Hoffmann decided to dissolve the band. Some time later 'One Way' was released, but the only original member of Turbo was Hoffmann, so people tend to exclude this album from Turbo discography. For a few years the musicians worked on their solo projects or played in different bands.
They got back together in 1995, playing a gig in Poznan, their hometown. In 1996 they officially announced their comeback, with Kupczyk, Hoffmann, Rutkiewicz and new members: Marcin Bialozyk on guitar and Szymon Ziomkowski on drums. In 1999 the band was invited to play at Metalmania again, they also performed at Thrash'em All Festival.
In 2000 Mariusz Bobkowski took over the drums in Turbo. Next year 'Awatar' was released. It was a huge shock for the fans, who expected old school heavy metal in the vein of 'Kawaleria Szatana'. The new album was controversial - very modern and very different from everything that Turbo had done before. Soon after the release Tomasz Krzyzaniak became a new drummer and the band was joined by Domnik Jokiel, a guitar player also known from Aion.
In 2004 the new period in their history started. The band set to work on their new album. 'Tozsamosc' was released both in Polish and English version (as 'Identity'). It was a triumphant comeback of the legend of Polish metal scene. The album was promoted at Metalmania festival (among others), where the band proved they were still the top of the scene and that they well deserve to share the title of Great Trinity of Polish heavy metal with KAT and TSA. After the album was recorded and released, the group performed on the Metalmania 2005 festival, where they recorded their very first DVD (released in early 2006). 2006 brought a bunch of shows - including some big, open air ones as well - all across Poland. Between March and April 2007 the group played a tour with Chainsaw. These were the last shows with Grzegorz Kupczyk, who ultimately decided to leave Turbo in April and concentrate on working with CETI.
Tomasz Struszczyk, known from Pathology, became Turbo's new singer. The band's future is very promising. The show in Bielsko-Biala (June 2007) and the rest of the gigs in Gniezno, Bydgoszcz and Kostrzyn proved it - says Wojtek Hoffmann. The audience went crazy from the very first chords. And it was just like the old days. Now all we have to do is record a decent new album and properly promote it. I think that this time we'll make it happen! The fans believe it as well. That's why Turbo hasn't said their last word yet, even though this box sums up 25 years of the band's existence. This group is still doing fine, creating and searching for new forms of expression. This is definitely not the last time you'll hear from them!

And today Metal Mind Productions presents the complete discography of Turbo in a numerated deluxe box!!! 'Anthology 1980 - 2008' box summarize the twenty five years of Turbo with Grzegorz Kupczyk as the vocalist. To make the band's image as clear as possible, some of the albums in this box have been enriched with additional recordings, and for those seeking out rarities, we prepared two CDs filled with previously unreleased, unknown and forgotten tracks recorded by Turbo in their time of 'mistakes and travesties' - some of them a bit weird, some of them a bit funny. On 'Dorosle Dzieci' you can hear the live version of 'Fabryka Kleksów' and see the video clip for 'Szalony Ikar'. 'Smak Ciszy' includes radio versions of some of the songs, while 'Tozsamosc' features two tracks in their English versions. The two 'additional' CDs in the set are a real sensation - mostly because of the fact that for the first time ever many fans will have a chance to hear Turbo from the period between 'Dorosle Dzieci' and 'Smak Ciszy'. You'll find out that these tracks are not really that bad as the musicians used to talk about them in past interviews…

'Anthology 1980 - 2008' box contains 13 albums: 'taka wlasnie jest muzyka', „Kreci sie nasz film', „Dorosle dzieci', „Smak ciszy', „Kawaleria szatana', „Last warrior', „Alive', „Epidemie', „Dead end', „One way', „Awatar, 'Turbo akustycznie', 'Tozsamosc' plus 'The History 1980-2005' DVD. The main feature of the DVD (performance filmed at Metalmania Festival 2005) is accompanied by loads of sensational bonus video material: including rare, archival, previously unreleased live footage, as well as 9 videoclips! The box also includes bonus tracks, 96 page booklet with biography, discography, lyrics to all songs and a selection of amazing archive photos! Special collector's edition is limited edition of 1000 copies!!! Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process.

1983 'Dorosle dzieki' Polton / 2000 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0079
1985 'Smak Ciszy' Klub Plytowy 'Razem' / 2000 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0087
1987 'Kawaleria Szatana' Pronit / 2000 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0069
1987 'Ostatni wojownik' Noise Records / 2001 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0128
1987 'Last Warrior' Noise Records / 1999 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0098
1988 'A Live!' Tonpress / 2000 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0089 (split with 'Epidemic')
1989 'Epidemie' Polskie Nagrania
1990 'Epidemic' Metalmaster / 2000 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0089 (split with 'A Live!')
1990 'Dead End' Metal Muza, Music For Nations / 2000 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0106 (split with 'One Way')
1990 '1980-1990' Tonpress / 1999 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0080
1992 'One Way' Carnage Records (MC only) / 2000 Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0106 (split with 'Dead End')
2001 'Awatar' Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0131
2001 'Awatar' [English version], Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0132
2004 'Tozsamosc' Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0291
2004 'Tozsamosc' limited 2-CD edition, Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0315 (Bonus CD: Turbo Unplugged)
2005 'Identity' Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0343
2005 'The History 1980-2005' Metal Mind Productions, MMP DVD 0054
(Metal Mind Homepage)

1. Prolog
2. Na progu ?ycia
3. Szept sumienia
4. Stra?nik ?wiat?a
5. Na skrzyd?ach nut
6. Niebezpieczny taniec
7. Obietnica lepszego dnia
8. Tunel
9. Na przekór nocy
10. Noc ju? wo?a
11. Epilog

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