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YES - Magnification - 2 LP (black) 2001 Sireena

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Progressiv /
Manufacturer: Sireena
Original release year: 2001
Manufacturing year: 2013
Cat. Nr.: SIR4019
Weight:505 g
Processing time:5 days
Sound link:Listen to the album

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World premiere! For the very first time released on vinyl!

Already last year we released with 'Open Your Eyes' (SIR 4018) an album by prog legend YES on vinyl for the first time. Finally here comes the next strike: Magnification!
Magnification, the 19th studio album of YES from 2001 was different from the 18 albums that had preceded it. Gone were guitarist Billy Sherwood and keyboardist Igor Khoroshev.
Remaining members Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White, and Steve Howe decided not to officially replace them, so YES reverted to a four-person band for the first time in its existence.
Conductor Larry Groupe was invited to lead an orchestra, which substituted for the keyboards. It proved to be an inspired idea and it made the album unique in relation to its other releases and was a welcomed change of pace for a band approaching the 40-year mark.
In many ways, the music feels like the soundtrack to a film. The classical/progressive rock fusion is similar to what The Moody Blues produced during its classic period. Steve Howe plays more acoustic than electric guitar and the rhythm section of drummer Alan White and bassist Chris Squire fuse with the orchestra on most of the tracks. The result moves the group into new fields of traditional progressive rock style.
The title song was the album's first track and set the tone for what was to follow. At over seven minutes, the orchestra provides the connectors between the sections of the song, as classical orchestration meets progressive rock.
'Spirit Of Survival' is an up-tempo piece that reminds of a James Bond theme. 'Can You Imagine' contains Chris Squire's first lead vocal for the band. 'Soft As A Dove' uses a flute to compliment Steve Howe's acoustic guitar work. 'We Agree' is a peaceful song with more acoustic work by Howe, 'Dreamtime' begins with some Spanish guitar before moving in a progressive rock direction.
All in all Magnification is another phantastic YES album. The orchestral accompaniment fits in with the songs seemlessly and really adds a greater level of complexity to the music.

We release this masterpiece on 3 LP sides to guarantee the best possible sound. The vinyl is 180 gram heavy-weight and the album comes in gatefold sleeve.

Weltpremiere! Zum ersten Mal auf Vinyl! 'Magnification' von YES

Bereits im letzten Jahr hat Sireena Records mit 'Open Your Eyes' erstmals ein Album der Proglegende YES auf Vinyl veröffentlicht. Nunmehr folgt der zweite Streich! 'Magnification', das 19. Studioalbum der Band, erschien ursprünglich auf CD 2001 und unterscheidet sich doch deutlich von seinen Vorgängern. Billy Sherwood und Keyboarder Igor Khoroshev waren gegangen, und die verbliebenen Mitglieder Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White und Steve Howe beschlossen das nächste Album als Quartett zu machen. Anstatt einen weiteren Keyboarder für den YES Sound zu rekrutieren, beauftragten sie den Dirigenten Larry Groupe ein Orchester zusammenzustellen. In dieser völlig neuen Besetzung wurde „Magnification' eingespielt. Eine bis dahin einmalige Angelegenheit, die das Album fast zu einem Soundtrack gerieten ließ. Letztendlich führte 'Magnification' die Band in neue progressiv-rockige Gefilde. Der Titeltrack eröffnet das Album und gibt gleich die 'Orchester meets Progressiv Rockband'-Richtung vor. 'Spirit of Survival' könnte einen James Bond -Film untermalen, 'Soft as a Dove' präsentiert zarte Flötentöne, während auf 'Can you imagine' erstmals in der Bandgeschichte Chris Squire den Leadgesang übernimmt! Auf 'We Agree' zeigt Howe sein Können auf der Akustikgitarre, um auf 'Dreamtime' mit entrückter spanischer Gitarre einen progrockigen Klassiker zu eröffnen. Und so geht's wunderbar weiter.

Sireena Records hat, um die Titel nicht zu sehr zusammenzudrücken, das Album über 3 LP-Seiten gestreckt. Das garantiert optimale Soundqualität. Das Album erscheint natürlich wie üblich auf 180 Gramm schwerem Vinyl im Klappcover.

This really is a prog rock masterpiece. Yes certainly have progressed with this album. They replaced the excellent keyboard playing of Rick Wakeman with an orchestra and this orchestra is really where this album stands out from their others. The orchestration is amazing. The songs are really good as well. There are a couple of bad tracks (Soft as a Dove and Time is Time). However, these are short and do not detract from the overall excellence of this album. It's hard for Yes to surpass themselves but they've really managed it this time.
(progarchives, Bob Greece )

1. Magnification (7:15)
2. Spirit Of Survival (6:02)
3. Don\'t Go (4:27)
4. Give Love Each Day (7:44)
5. Can You Imagine (2:58)
6. We Agree (6:30)
7. Soft As A Dove (2:18)
8. Dreamtime (10:45)
9. In the Presence of (10:24)
i) Deeper
ii) Death of Ego
iii) True Beginner
iv) Turn Around and Remember
10. Time Is Time (2:09)

YES - Magnification - 2 LP (black) 2001 Sireena

Price: EUR 23.90

Deutschland / 2001

YES - Open Your Eyes - 2 LP (black) 1997 Sireena

Price: EUR 21.99

England / 1997

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