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ÖZKENT, MUSTAFA - Funk Anatolian - CD Hammer Music

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Funk /
Manufacturer: Hammer Music
Original release year:
Manufacturing year: 2017
Cat. Nr.: HMCD049
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'Funk Anatolian' is the the first studio album from Mustafa Ozkent, 44 years after classic album 'Genclik Ile Elele'
Since 1960 Mustafa Özkent played guitar Radio Ankara Tango band and Radio Istanbul Jazz band,

He played guitar long years in studio bands and in clubs with his own band

He has 15 instrumental albums as Genclik ile elele, Elif, Mission Impossible, Turkish folk Guitar..

He studied Piano and Harmony at Brusseles ‘'L'academie De Music D'ixelles ''

He had concerts and radio TV shows in Washington DC, New york, Montreal, Moscow, Paris, Lyon, Brussels, Cologne, Utrecht and Istanbul

He also made more than a thousand of arrangements for Turkish artists.

Cover Artwork was drawn by Prof. Betul Dengili Atli.

Vinyl version will come in deluxe gatefold cover with emboss and hot gold foil print.

The incredible music of Anadolu Pop's very own Dr. Frankestein-Maestro Mustafa Özkent.As THE DADDY of all Turkish rarities ,this record simply has to be heard to be believed and even then it's still literally UNBELIEVABLE. (Andy Votel)

As an expert in both carpentry and and electronics ,Özkent was keen to combine his skills with his interest in music and science.fuelled by a passion for traditional music values the natural progression was inevitable and as Mustafa's reputation and repertoire of original compositions mutated so did his instruments. (

Özkent's band is funky and loose in the way hyperdiscipilined musicians can be,and it's no surprise that Özkent is a World-class arranger. But the record transcends mere craftsmanship by fusing Özkent's Turkish traditions with his contemporary funk musicians across the Atlantic. (DailyOm)

Mustafa Özkent is a talented guitarist who was known to modify the design of his instruments to create unusual tonal qualities by adding extra frets on his guitar to play traditional Turkish modes. (Media guide)

Özkent was a nationalist ,but the blends his Turkish folk influences so perfectly into modernity of the psyche-jazz-funk that you might not even notice them unless you knew what you were listening for. (PopMatters)

By the dawn of the 1970's Mustafa Özkent was in demand as a session player,arranger,and producer, creating music that fused psychedelic and pop/rock influences with R&B grooves and jazz-influenced improvisations. (Mark Deming)

Insane grooves from arranger Mustafa Özkent,An artist who was to Turkey Lalo Schifrin,Mustafa Has a great ear for mixing funkier rhythms and fuller orchestrations that bubble over with a fair bit of electricity over heavy percussion.The record is an instrumental master piece through and through, filled with enough heavy pickiest crate-digger,but also the more complicated arrangements to appeal to fans funky 70's soundtrack. (Jazzy)

ÖZKENT, MUSTAFA - Funk Anatolian - CD Hammer Music

Price: EUR 13.50

Hammer Music
Türkei /

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ÖZKENT, MUSTAFA - Funk Anatolian - CD Hammer Music

Price: EUR 13.50

Hammer Music
Türkei /