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ELOY - Reincarnation On Stage (Live) - 2 CD Artist Station

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Krautrock / Progressiv
Manufacturer: Artist Station
Original release year:
Manufacturing year: 2014
Cat. Nr.: ASR 331308
Processing time:unknown
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Eloy have released a very special live album that caters to the huge fanbase with 'Reincarnation On Stage'. They revisit their masterpiece albums of the 70s and focus on 'Colours' in particular which is no problem for me personally as I love those albums. 'Ocean' is represented along with the brilliant first 3 songs of 'Silent Echoes and Mighty Cries'.

Decay of Logos, Bells of Notre Dame and the incredible Atlantis' Agony at June 5th 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime are among the highlights. The songs are augmented by a great production and very clear vocals from the wonderful Frank Bornemann. Gerlach and Folberth's keyboards are fabulous and really shine in the ambient sections. The 3 female vocalists sing beautifully and with emotional fervour enhancing the concert experience. Frank speaks to the crowd in German but of course sings English. Every lyric is discernible and I have really grown to love his inimitable style over the years. Eloy ignore the lesser known albums of the 90s more or less and focus on the classics such as 'Dawn', 'Power and Passion' and 'Planets' though there are a few cuts from the more recent albums such as 'The Tides Return Forever'.

It is a long concert of over 2 hours and one I would like to see released on DVD. I was absolutely enthralled with this concert. Every song was executed with passion and dexterity. This is a real treasure. Yet another masterful performance from this sensational band.

Im Sturm der allabendlichen Begeisterung in fast durchweg ausverkauften Venues, übertraf dabei so mancher Titel oft das Original aus dem Studio.

Angefeuert durch eine euphorisierte Fangemeinde wuchs die Band oft über sich hinaus und es entstanden Aufnahmen von phänomenaler Ausdruckskraft, die nun, als erste und einzige Livedokumentation auf Tonträger seit 1978 (!) den Weg zu den Fans findet.

Das von einer einzigartigen Atmosphäre begleitete Erlebnis auf der Bühne, getragen von Emotion und Leidenschaft, hat den einstigen Spirit von Eloy wiedererweckt und die Band schließlich dazu veranlasst, dieser Livedokumentation einen besonderen Titel zu geben: Reincarnation On Stage


,,Einen Streifzug durch die lange Bandgeschichte (mit Unterbrechung) lieferte die Gruppe, wobei ein Highlight das nächste jagte, so dass es nahezu unmöglich ist, einzelne Stücke hervorzuheben.
...einfach zeitlos gut.' (Good Times, Februar / März 2014)

1 Namaste (Intro) Start
2 Child migration Start
3 Paralyzed civilization Start
4 Mysterious monolith Start
5 Age of insanity Start
6 The apocalypse Start
7 Silhouette Start
8 Poseidon\'s creation Start
9 Time to turn Start
10 The sun-song Start
11 Horizons Start
12 Illuminations Start

Disk 2 von 2

1 Follow the light Start
2 Awakening of consciousness Start
3 The tides return forever Start
4 Ro setau Start
5 Mystery Start
6 Decay of logos Start
7 Atlantis\' agony at June 5th - 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian earthtime Start
8 The bells of Notre Dame Start
9 Thoughts

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