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MAN AND ROBOT SOCIETY - Robosapien - LP (black) Sound Effect

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Spacerock / Elektronik
Manufacturer: Sound Effect
Original release year:
Manufacturing year: 2018
Cat. Nr.: SER053B
Processing time:unknown
Sound link:Bandcamp

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Sound Effect Records proudly present Man and Robot Society's 'Robosapien'! Due out on September 21st on limited edition black and clear vinyl, this is the product of Tempe, Arizona based studio wizard Jeff Hopp and a must for any electronica/kraut/space freak. Influenced by early Tangerine Dream and Jean Michelle Jarre, Man and Robot Society do not come up with your usual dystopian concept, but a rather humanistic take on the man/machine dilemma, with a liberating prospect and some sort of feminine hint to its core. Its musicality is a living proof that it can be done!

The distinction between humans and machines will someday be almost unrecognizable. The merging of man and machine has begun. This is the driving theme behind Man and Robot Society and its latest creation Robosapien. Man and Robot Society is musician and song writer Jeff Hopp. 'Technology has a way of amplifying our inner nature and revealing our most creative and destructive sides. As we merge into a man and machine hybrid, we have a very unique evolutionary opportunity - we can actually choose what we want to become. Will we become more and more a smart phone zombie, or blossom into an intellectual and physical super hero? I feel it will be a struggle to keep our humanity. This is reflected in my studio and the music of Robosapien. Technology and state of the art electronic synthesizers are core elements of the production, but I would never want the machines to control me. Am I the master or are the machines? This battle is persistent and ever present. It seems to get harder and harder to remain musically open hearted the more advanced my studio becomes. As technology helps me create music impossible to make without it, it will reveal who I am as a musician and as a person, and I do fear the robot I may become.'

Robosapien is the fourth release from the Man and Robot Society studio.

Other titles include: Tales of a Reluctant Astronaut by Man from M.A.R.S. released on CD in 2007. Digital Spaceman by Man from M.A.R.S. released digitally 2014. Winds of Gaia by New Terra released digitally 2015.

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